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As most people learning how to program have figured out sometimes you just have to improve or try to replicate someones ideas while making it your own.

Because of that ideal aside from the “Hello World!” program that everyone starts out with I decided to build my own Task manager. I grow weary of the Freemium task lists and CRMs that companies offer as they are so limited and to boot, ridiculously expensive.

So, one thing led to another and I decided I wanted to increase my ability to write code and create something that would help me get my real job done.

I’ve set my wants, needs, requirements as such


  • 100% Secured and Encrypted
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • User Account Update
  • User logout
  • User Password Change
  • Add a list
    • name
    • description(if wanted)
  • Add a task
    • name
    • description
    • date due
    • notes
  • Update list
  • Update task
  • Delete list
  • Delete Task
  • View lists and tasks in one screen


  • Drag and drop lists and tasks
  • timeline or gantt view of tasks
  • option to turn task into goal
  • Ability to email from task(to update clients)
  • stock ticker for crypto and stocks(because I’m interested)



  • Web
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • React
    • JQuery
    • CSS
    • MySQL
  • Desktop(PC)
    • python
    • c#
    • Java
  • IOS/MacOS
    • Swift
  • Android
    • Kotlin


once I’ve made progress I will update my GitHub Account and post a link to the repository in another blog post.


Don’t expect updates but hope for them.


  • Rodney

Welcome and Hello

My name is Rodney.

As of writing this I am 23 years old and live eat and breath in Green Bay WI.

I am creating this blog for what I can hope is a great documentation of my life and adventures on an irregular basis.

I am not creating this blog to:

  • document my career
  • make a million dollars
  • leak private government documents that prove aliens exist

You can expect:

  • an update on this block maybe once every few months or you can expect one every week. Who knows. It depends if I remember or have something to talk about.

You cannot expect:

  • tips and tricks to tie your shoes on a boat
  • secret passage into the chamber of secrets
  • me to provide my ax as aid to you in your quest to a volcano


As for now thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day!


  • Rodney