Welcome and Hello

My name is Rodney.

As of writing this I am 23 years old and live eat and breath in Green Bay WI.

I am creating this blog for what I can hope is a great documentation of my life and adventures on an irregular basis.

I am not creating this blog to:

  • document my career
  • make a million dollars
  • leak private government documents that prove aliens exist

You can expect:

  • an update on this block maybe once every few months or you can expect one every week. Who knows. It depends if I remember or have something to talk about.

You cannot expect:

  • tips and tricks to tie your shoes on a boat
  • secret passage into the chamber of secrets
  • me to provide my ax as aid to you in your quest to a volcano


As for now thanks for reading this and I hope you have a great day!


  • Rodney